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The contents of the directories above have been stored here for archival purposes only. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

It is a sad fact that very useful information on the Internet sometimes suddenly disappears. Sometimes it can be found through other sources or archives, but sometimes it really is just lost. This archive contains copies of sites that I have found very useful and would prefer not to lose. I'm sure there are others who feel the same way, so I have chosen to make the archive publically accessible.

In the cases of the websites of Sheldon Brown and Ken Kifer, I have the utmost respect for their writings, and feel that it would be a huge loss to the culture of cycling if their works were lost. Unfortunately it already seems that Ken Kifers site has been taken down, but I have managed to get a copy from another archive.

Dynamically generated sites, such as Sheldon Brown's, are technically difficult to mirror. Unfortunately this means the archived copies are likely incomplete and only partially functional. Static sites are much easier to deal with.

If you believe that publishing the content in this archive is in violation of applicaple copyright laws, let me know. See contact information below.

Jesper Henriksen