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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to check for any changes to this site.

I will follow these rules:

  1. All new pages and major revisions will be dated (at the bottom) when finished.
  2. Significant changes will be posted here.
  3. They will be listed in reverse order, the most recent on top.
  4. Minor changes and minor updates will be ignored.
  5. Changes to index, sitemap, link pages, and new links anywhere will not be mentioned.
  6. Plans in progress and news about my activities will be posted.
  7. This page will be dated when revised.

August 30, 2003: I have returned from a 6,500 mile bicycle camping trip to the Pacific Ocean in Washington and back. I am preparing my trip report, and I have already revised my page on Touring with a Solar Laptop to reflect changes.

April 25, 2003: The lack of an office and many cloudly days, plus getting ready for my summer bicycle trip, have prevented me from working on a number of projects this spring (the problem was lack of electricity to process photos). However, I completed two additional chapters of The New World, Rolling on a River and Beekeeping in the New World. I would suggest that if you haven't been reading this story that you start at the beginning, as some of the things talked about in later chapters won't make any sense unless you have read previous chapters.

April 5, 2003: For some reason, I forgot to mention my update of the high-fat page. I compressed some of my earlier information, so I could add in another high-fat diet, and I also improved the argument for cycling.

In preparation for a long bike trip, I have also changed my mailbox on every page. I will now have to download my messages to receive them instead of receiving them as email. Why the change? With so much spam mail coming in, my message limit will be reached in just two days. However, the change will make writing me easier for those not writing from their own computers.

February 22, 2003: I am not good at predicting my next new pages. I had intended to update the photos on one of my touring pages, but then I discovered that while I had 23 photos scanned, I had taken a hundred. So, I began scanning all my photos, but then the scanner quit working!

However, I have been far from idle during the winter. In 2001, I decided to use the winter months to work on additional sections of my website. After some hesitancy, I decided that this was the time to publish The New World. The New World consists of a series of overlapping accounts written by different people of some events beginning in 1964 and extending to 2000. Besides the introduction, I have published nine of these accounts so far. The New World basically shows an alternate picture of what life could be like, which some will like and others will disparage.

December 22, 2002: I have updated the photos for the second half of my 1998 bike trip across the Great Plains, through Northern Ontairo, and back to Alabama. This part of the trip begins in North Dakota. I was able to update these pages quickly because the photos had all been scanned last year. I wish I could update the photos on each travelog so quickly, but the scanning process is very slow, not only because the scanner is slow but also because I must spend quite a bit of time with each photo to remove errors caused in scanning by dust and scratches and also to remove errors in the orginal photos caused by lens flare, being slightly out of focus, not holding the camera level, and improper lighting (lack of contrast usually). Nearly all of these photos required retouching, even though I had been over them carefully before. Looking at the photos scanned last year, I see that I scanned 23 photos from my 1991 trip but have only six or seven on the web page, so that is the travelog I will next update, even though it is far from being the best page. Another candidate is the 1996 trip with 22 photos scanned and only nine on the web page. My two best trips for photos, my 1988 and 1990 trips, will take a ton of time.

December 13, 2002: I have updated the photos on the first half of my 1998 bike trip across the Great Plains (from south to north). Many of the photos were rescanned before my year 2000 trip, but I have been unable to access the files until now. Ironically, most of the photos had been scanned again last year; however, the duplicate effort has ensured that I had good quality bitmap and jpg images to work from. I should have the next part of the trip finished in another week. Eventually, all of my touring trip accounts will have photos of this quality, but it will take years to rescan all the photos, to eliminate all the dust spots and other inperfections, and to add them to my webpages.

November 23, 2002: I have improved the page about my instate bicycle trips by reducing the graphic size to 1/3. I figured out why I had such wide spacing between trips and corrected that and I added my trip from last fall. This page has a small map and short account of my local trips, most of which were entirely within Alabama.

November 23, 2002: I have added 69 large photos (maximum size 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high) to my Year 2000 Eastern North American Tour. The new photos are accompanied by a camera icon, and you must click on the link to see them. Each link shows the size of the photo to give you some estimate of the download time. Unfortunately, I did not get the best photos on this trip, and I was just beginning to learn how to use Photoshop Elements. With some of my other trips, such as the 1988 and 1990 trips, the photos will be much more impressive, whenever I can get the work done.

November 10, 2002: I seem to be on a roll now, with new pages coming out every week. I think the new advocacy group is helping keep me motivated. The newest page is Cyclist Errors Which Cause Automobile-Bicycle Collisions, Illustrated. Like the page last week, this one uses diagrams to illustrate the different kinds of collisions that cyclists have, these ones caused by the cyclists. By the way, I am continuing to work on other pages as well, so there doesn't seem to be any danger of a stoppage in the pipeline.

November 2, 2002: After publishing my page How to Avoid Bike-Car Collisions, Illustrated last week, I received a critical letter from Steve Goodridge which caused me to go back and rewrite the entire thing (I had asked him for criticisms). The problem was that I had focused my attention on the graphics and not on the message, so I spent several days and completely revised the text. It is now shorter and more to the point. I also made minor improvements in some of the graphics and added a new one.

October 29, 2002: I have been intending for several years to create a page with diagrams illustrating the various common near collisions between bicycles and cars which I have experienced. This week, I finally produced a cyclist graphic which I liked, and thus I was able to create this page which I had been planning off and on for years. It's called How to Avoid Bike-Car Collisions, Illustrated.

October 20, 2002: In a Bicycling Advocacy discussion, the point was made and seconded that we should advocate cycling for all, not just for the people whose values we most appreciate. That reminded me of an earlier thought about writing a humor article advocating that bank robbers use bicycles. My first thought was that such a topic could create problems for me by those who are overserious, but then I realized that I could include not only the problems of automobile use but also the problems of bank robbery, so I felt it would work. Of course, I included it with Humor rather than with Advocacy. The article is Why Bank Robbers Should Use Bicycles Instead of Getaway Cars.

By the way, someone writing me recently about something else wanted to know what my next two articles would be. I got it wrong. Writing is unpredictable because a idea can pop into my head fully formed and go down onto paper in just a few hours, or it make take weeks, months, or even years to fully develop. Generally, the longer and more detailed something is, the harder it is to write. Also, humor is the easiest material to write, as I don't have to worry about getting every last detail correct.

October 12, 2002: I said I would not mention updates to the link pages on this page. However, this change was a major one. I have added descriptions for all the large, non-commercial, non-link sites, at least for all of the sites which provided descriptions or had descriptions on the page. See Cycling Sites which Link to Mine. Because the page is now much longer, I added some "jump" links at the top of the page. While working on this project, which I thought would take three months and which actually took less than two, I revamped an earlier project telling people how to improve their websites. Originally, the page was full of positive advice, which made it rather preachy and boring. However, I reconceived the idea; instead, I would tell how to create a bad web site. The result is How to Avoid Traffic to Your Cycling Website. An early draft was sent to touring@phred.org, but this version has been improved.

September 26, 2002: I added two pages yesterday, and I'm adding two pages today. These are about Cycling in the Seventies and Cycling in the Eighties. I'm very much aware that my pages on these topics are someone limited to my point of view and also limited because I don't have more sources of information. I will be happy to accept other significant events to add to these pages, and I intend to update them as I find more information. However, I saw a need to write them now, as nothing is available on the internet on these topics.

September 25, 2002: I decided that there was a need for a Bicycling Advocacy newslist, so I started one. The purpose of the group is to discuss ways of promoting cycling and problems that discourage bicycling. Evidently, others agreed with me, as there was a flood of new members on the first day.

I also have written a page about the Ann Arbor incident in which a cyclist was taken to court for not hugging the curb.

August 24, 2002: A discussion in touring@phred made me recognize that a short history of bicycling in the sixties was badly needed. I kept the article focused on the United States because 1) the US was so far behind Europe, and 2) I really didn't have any data from Canada. If anyone can furnish some additional details, I will be glad to add them to what I've already written.

August 12, 2002: Well, by this time, I should have come out with a new page, but instead I have gone back and made additional changes to my page on bicycling risks. This time, I added in some figures which claim that riding a bike is eleven times more dangerous than being in a car, some additional evidence showing that cyclists ride more than four billion miles in the US (thus demonstrating that those figures are incorrect), and the risk of eating a hamburger. I also did find some errors to correct, so I think I have them nearly all now. Finally, I added in another statement to the effect that the "facts" don't all agree, as I don't want someone to think I take these stats more seriously than I actually do.

July 30, 2002: This time instead of adding a new page, I have revised an old page. Every year, I like to update my article on risks (Is Cycling Dangerous), and this year I made extensive changes, adding many new charts and a lot of new data. Because of its length and the number of changes that I made, I probably will have to correct some errors before the dust settles, but I think it is good enough to go online now. Revising the risk page was a lot more difficult than writing a story, but I think it's a much better page now for the changes.

July 21, 2002: I added one page today, on Dr. Atkins "New Diet Revolution" and similar high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets. I will probably be adding most new pages one at time from now on, as my homemade program to load individual files works very nicely. I can also predict that I will usually add them on weekends due to two factors: 1) My contract with the ISP allows unlimited time on weekends, but only 30 hours for the month otherwise. 2)I get much less webmail on weekends also. My site gets less traffic on the weekends, so any changes I made then would immediately affect fewer people (did you ever load a page, go somewhere else, and then when you got back found that it had changed?).

July 13-14, 2002: I have added one story. This is a tangled tale involving mystery and Inspector Rousseau, who I have to credit for suggestions for the final revision, even if he did have me awakened in the middle of the night. In the story, a large group of cyclists begin a trip through the desert, but one disaster after another follows: The Mountain Bike Touring Trip.

July 4, 2002: Four new articles have been added to the site:
The Poor, Poor, Sufferin' Bicycle Commuter is about a newspaper reporter who finds a 3.5 mile trip to be a horrible experience because he gets his shoes wet.
Teaching Children How to Bicycle Safely is a mixture of advice about children, the dangers they face, and the rules they can learn.
The Interstate Built Like a Bikeway is a humorous look at how we build bikeways, and
Studies of the Modes of Transportation in Tarland looks at how "experts" see what they want to see.

Some minor changes include adding info about a anti-spam program to Programs, telling about a woman cyclist's death on the home page, and bringing my physical condition up-to-date on the page about My Fall (I'm about 97% back to normal).

I have also been helping (webmastering, not writing) with the creation of a new cycling website, but an announcement will have to wait a little longer.

June 5, 2002: Added some comments about viruses and search engines to the bike pages home page. Note that if you send a message to me do not use a cute title, as I am receiving a huge number of spam messages and viruses, so I am deleting all strange titles. If you write and don't get an answer, please write again (unless you want to make me wealthy, sell me something, or get me to endorse your product), as your message may have been accidently deleted. Added some comments about improvements at the end of My Fall. The page for sites which link to my bike pages has once again passed the 500 mark. I am working furiously on several articles.

May 28, 2002: It's been four months since I have have made any major additions to this site. This does not mean I haven't been working, as I have made minor revisions to a number of pages, and I have been working hard at updating my link-to-me page. This page and the touring link page needed substantial editing because quite a few sites have disappeared; in fact, this has been the biggest drop-off in sites since the collapse of the dotcoms. Many of the vanished websites were on free webservers that gave up the ghost. Others dropped their links to my page or changed the content of their sites. However, due to additions in the meantime, the number of sites linking to mine is almost as great (481). If your site was dropped due to an address change or error, please let me know.

The primary cause for the long dry period was my bicycle accident which occurred on February 15th. Initially, I was neither in the mood for hard work nor was I able to do much while lying on my back. Later, my time was divided between family, exercise, and rest, not leaving a great deal of time left over, and I mainly used that time scanning family photos. After returning home, my life has been disrupted as well.

As a minor cause for the long dry period, it takes a great deal of time for me to write one of my web articles. I have been working on a number of pages from time to time, and they are in the process of being completed. I also have planned a number of articles on new topics which have not yet been written at all. Finally, I plan to upgrade many of the current articles with photos or better photos, which I have been slowly collecting.

For this update, I can present only two new articles, one about my bike accident and recovery and one on statistics about bike commuters. I also decided to redo the bikepages home page, since it is my most frequently visited page. I decided to add an interesting feature article or news article each month and to move the information about Ken Kifer's Bike Pages to a help page.

January 27, 2002: According to a count of pages on my Link-to-me page, there are currently over 500 sites linked to my bicycling pages (this list excludes duplicate sites, such as all the ODP {Open Directory Project} and Yahoo sites, counting them just once). There were 350 such sites on June 27, 400 on August 23, and 450 on November 1, thus about 25 new sites per month, with the pace slacking off considerably at the beginning of winter.

I would encourage those who think this site deserves more traffic to ask your local bike club to link to it and/or to use the "add link" opportunity on many bicycling sites to volunteer it, as such links generate traffic. There's some more information on this subject on the webmaster's page. I want to thank those who have created such links for me.

January 24, 2002: I spent the first weeks of this month proofreading a book, so I haven't gotten as much accomplished as usual. In addition, I have been lazy about working on the health survey, so it's still in draft form. I did, however, go back and completely rewrite my article on Auto Costs, which I have been wanting to do for six months. It seems that when I originally wrote the article in 1997 (it's had two major revisions since then) that I was actually using 1993 figures, and I now have the 1997 figures, so I wanted to update it that far. With this revision, I went back and rewrote the majority of the paragraphs to try to make my argument more clear. This is an article I that I will continue revise as time goes on. I also intend to make a major revision of my article on risks ("Is Cycling Dangerous") as soon as possible.

In addition, I have upgraded my large bicycle icons, due to having a new program to make my graphics (I have updated the page about which programs I use now too). You may think I am egotistical to slap my name on these icons, but it's an attempt to avoid their being stolen. I create my own icons because I want all my art work and everything else about this site to be original and unique. It takes me many hours of work to make an icon, so I think stealing one is as bad as stealing an article, but tracking down icons is hard to do, and it's difficult to put a name on one. Part of my reason for pushing ahead with this project is that another site is using my icon and downloading it from my web page too. The site has nothing to do with bicycling, but it is downloading all of its graphics from other web pages.

For a minor change, I revised part of my article on myths, the part about the color of urine (under water myths). I received a series of letters from a reader who felt I was giving sound advice everywhere else but who thought I was seriously jeopardizing cyclists' lives by not arguing that they force themselves to pee to test for color, and who was claiming that I was unscientific in my approach. Well, upon reflection, I decided that I could explain myself more clearly, and exchanging letters with her did get me to think about the matter more, but I'm afraid I did not become more sympathetic to her point of view. I did think of a great humor article as a result, which I intend to write later.

This month I received my second shipment of solar panels. Now when the sun rises over the hill, it is immediately transfixed by the power of my panels, and people living to the west of me will have to adjust their clocks by about a second every day. Now, I no longer have any risk of running out of power for my laptops, but I am likely to become enslaved to work as I desperately type, trying to keep the batteries from being overcharged. These panels give me the ability to work long hours at home on my graphics, but because the negatives are all mixed up, I haven't upgraded any pages yet.

January 1, 2002: I spent Thanksgiving exchanging interviews with a candidate for President of the United States. I am amazed to find that "Average Joe" Shriner is teaching and campaigning for the same way of life that I have been advocating all of my life. Rather than socialism or capitalism and rule from above, let's have self-sufficiency and local participation. The article is Pedaling Towards the Presidency.

I have posted the draft version of the results of the Health Survey. This will be the last survey, at least until next fall. I want to thank everyone who participated.

After three years, I have finished my task of annotating Walden. Along with a new introduction, I have added these chapters:
Brute Neighbors
Higher Laws
House Warming
Former Inhabitants
Winter Animals
The Pond in Winter

It had originally been my intention to annotate some of Thoreau's other writings and to add some essays on relevant topics, but I find I have a great deal of other work to do on this site, so I have decided to be content with having provided notes on Walden, at least for the foreseeable future.

On counting, I find I have added 80 new pages within the last 16 months (since finishing my y2k trip) or an average of five pages per month. I have a lot more work underway too!

December 19, 2001: I have added a short piece to Newsletter Shorts on bicycle safety.

December 1, 2001: The new Health Survey has been completed and posted. This will be my last survey for a while, as they take up a lot of time, and I have a good number of other projects to be working on. Please take it; I think you'll find it very interesting. Also, the results of the Touring Survey have been posted. I am immediately publishing a more complete analysis and, for a change, I won't be going back to add more details. An explanation is on the page.

November 19, 2001: Two new chapters annotated from Walden: The Ponds and Baker Farm. I told someone, back in the spring, that I intended to finish Walden this year. Work stopped when my larger laptop discombobulated, and then I found myself embroiled in surveys and page relocations. However, I am now working daily rather than weekly on on project, giving it my highest priority, although I doubt I will finish this year. I have decided to delay the Ken's Cwm pages until next year as a result. Finally, I have been working for many years on another and much bigger project, which I hope to start publishing next year as well.

In addition, I have purchased a negative and slide scanner, and I intend to redo all the photos on my site over the next six months (this is a very time-consuming job!). My Y2K trip is the first project; I have most of the photos rescanned, and I should be able to update those pages within another week.

For those interested in how my site has changed over the years, I have discovered a wayback machine on the web, which allows a peek into the past. One backwards look is from February 1998, and the second is from October 1999. My, that was a terribly long time ago!

It may seem to those who are waiting for further contributions that I work very slowly, but to me it seems so me that I am juggling a dozen projects at once!

November 11, 2001: I have completed the analysis of October's political survey, and I have added a new article to skills called The Seven Most Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Cyclists. I have also updated the webmaster's page (for those with web sites), adding some icons they can use for linking, and changing some of the other information.

Currently my plans are to write just one more article for the bike pages this year (on the car-free lifestyle), and to then spend my efforts on updating two other pages, adding or replacing graphics on pages, adding links to related pages, and adding articles to (or opening!) other sections of my site. I still have a large number of partially-written articles, so I'm not out of ideas, but I am wanting do other work for a change. I will still be conducting surveys each month, of course.

November 1, 2001 (early in the morning): The new survey has been uploaded along with the results of the last survey.
This month's Touring Survey
Last month's Political Survey.

I have added two articles to the commuting directory:
How to Find a Route to Work by Bicycle
Tricks and Tips for Bicycle Commuting
I had intended to add a third article on "Living Car-Free," but although I wrote the article, it seemed boring after it was finished. I will have to wait to rethink it. Also, due to time restraints, I was not able to add maps to the route article, so I will return to it as well.

I have also added three short pieces to Newsletter Shorts. Sites linking to this one have climbed above the 450 mark.

I also added a tip on cleaning up to the touring article on tips and tricks.

October 8, 2001: I updated the results of the first survey, having completed my analysis. I also added two pages to the commuting section, one on accessories and the other on errands.

September 30, 2001: I added a new cycling survey, and I also added a directory to put the results of the surveys.

September 26, 2001: Nothing ever works out as intended! I have been unable to work on the commuting articles I promised, but I have moved some other articles to KKBP from elsewhere and started a new directory.

The directory is Skills for Cyclists and the "new" articles are
How to Fix a Flat Tire
How to True a Wobbly Wheel
How to Climb a Hill
How to Descend a Hill
What is Touring? Note that "What is Touring?" is in the Touring directory.

To balance out the new directory, I moved my article on bicycle repair from Touring to Skills. I try not to make such moves, but I felt this move was necessary.

August 31, 2001: My Dell laptop is now back, so I will be able to finish the commuting directory, add graphics to some commuting pages, and begin my new section. It seems that the more I do, the more I have to do!

Take the cycling survey! The survey will be available during the month of September only.

August 23, 2001: KKPB now has 400 sites linking to it! I have been having fits with month with Dell Computer after my laptop from them quite working. I have partially written up an account, but I'll have to add a new directory to post it.

I have finished four new articles and added them to a new directory.
The Directory is Bike Commuting and Transportation and the articles are
The Quadruple Advantages of Commuting
My Bicycle and Walking Commutes over the Years
Bicycles Suitable for Commuting, Used and New and
Problems and Solutions to Bicycle Commuting

July 16, 2001: The two "finished" pages received a great deal of additional work before I felt they were completely ready. They are
The True Story of the Decline of the Touring Bike
Bicycling Myths

June 27, 2001: This month, I made several revisions to the page on camping equipment, and I finished the page on cooking. I have also finished two new pages, which I will publish soon. I also purchased a cheap digital camera to add small photos to demonstrate features. I have been working very hard with others this month to create a bicycling survey, which should appear sometimes this summer. The number of sites linking to mine has now passed the 350 mark.

May 25, 2001: No new pages, but some revisions of older pages:
Is Cycling Dangerous? has received a conclusion, as it has been obvious that some weren't getting the point after reading the essay. I am going to have to add a similar conclusion to my article on auto costs.
My Touring Bags and How to Make Your Own has received long-asked-for improvements, including some simple drawings.
My Eastern North America Tour has finally been proofread, received its photos, and gotten some final conclusions. I had to purchase a new scanner to complete this job.

April 23, 2001: Nearly a month overdue, but finally completed, seven new bicycle touring pages (I have to devote a lot of attention there, as bicycle touring constitutes half of my traffic):
Repair -- I still need to add a lot of links to this one
Cooking -- not completely finished either
Tourtypes (types of tours and types of tourers)
Instate (about my "local" bike camping trips)

March 31, 2001: Added two new Thoreau pages, The Bean-Field and The Village.

March 30, 2001: It would look as though I have done nothing this month, but I have worked about the same as always. Most of the work has been on pages which I hoped to add this month but will add next month instead. I also spend some time on minor corrections here and there. Two pages received significant corrections: Touring with a Solar Laptop (I had failed to explain how I connected to the internet while traveling) and my webmaster's page (I needed to update information about search engines and directories, and I needed to explain why adding new links is temporarily difficult for me).

Traffic to this site has reached a new high this month. I will probably have to install some additional bike racks in my pages to accommodate the extra visitors. I have also reached a new high for sites linking to mine; approximately one new site is linking to my pages every day, although some of the older sites have been disappearing. Cyber Cycling is the largest purely cycling site which has gone, but a huge number of sites labeled Coins@EasyFind have all vanished.

March 08, 2001: A collection of short articles for use by cycling newsletters has been added: Newsletter Shorts.

March 03, 2001: Many thanks to Judy Murphy of Ferndale, Washington, who went through my site, found every bad link, located the correct URL whenever she could, and emailed me her findings. Besides making her corrections, I also am adding a separate menu bar for sections of this website, in preparation for expansion.

March 01, 2001: I made some changes to the Programs page, see the next note. Also, back when I started this page, I neglected to point out that three paragraphs had been altered or added to autocosts back on August 22 of last year.

February 24, 2001: Tonight, I revised the home page, added a Purpose page to keep the information I took off of the home page, and added a page telling about the programs I use.

February 23, 2001: Mostly cloudy weather this week, but I have been able to compute some statistics and add some paragraphs on the topic of survivability to Is Cycling Dangerous.

February 20, 2001: The solar panel finally arrived (after two months) and was able to charge for a week before a week of cloudy weather moved in; now I'm on my third day of sunlight again. I now have a second and much larger laptop which is a necessity for editing graphics and which also makes editing web pages much easier. The panel is now producing (hold tight to something) 3¢ per day of electricity (400 watt hours), which should be enough to power my laptops adequate. I have been working on a 29 new different pages (three for Bicycling Life), but I have completed only two for this site, which are in the Thoreau section:


I might add that not all 29 pages will ever be completed. While some pages practically write themselves, others take a great deal of time, not a little research, and are often an exploration into what can be done. If I don't feel they have measured up, I don't publish them.

I have also changed the copyright page due to recent problems I've been having:

My Copyright Page

Now that I have graphics ability, I have updated the map and statistics for my trips and also added a map to the Eastern North America Y2K Trip.

January 12, 2001: I have stuff ready to download, but the phone is down at the friend's house who lets me download, so I'll be late this month (might not even get to download this month at all). My solar panel still hasn't arrived (see next entry). I added four stories, not three, to the bikepages humor section. In addition, these aren't the stories I was thinking about doing last month. They are:

Important Safety Instructions
How to Detail a Classic Bike
Murder She Wrought
The Paradigm Shifter
I also finished my article on diet.

December 12, 2000: For the near future, I am currently working on a number of articles for the touring section. I plan to complete them by March. I also have three more humor pages in mind. I also want to write another couple of Thoreau pages. At present, I have to ride my bicycle into town to work at the library, but I am planning to get a large solar panel sometime this month.

December 12, 2000 The home page and the copyright page have been revised, and this page and a Who Am I? page have been added.

December 4, 2000: The Writing Pages were finally prepared for viewing, a total of ten new pages, but all were written years ago.

December 1, 2000: Two Thoreau pages added: Sounds and Reading.

Two bicycling advocacy pages added: Dedicated Bikeways and Issues for Cyclists

November 28, 2000: Three cycling humor stories added: Bicycle Dectective, The Green Planet, and The Resourceful Camper Contest. Plus I Never Shift Twice has been finished.

August 26, 2000: "Finished" rough draft of my Eastern North America Tour.
Update of my report on Using a Solar Laptop.

August 21, 2000: Arrived back in Alabama after 4,500 mile trip. During the next few months, I will have only occasional connection to the internet as my cabin does not have electricity or a phone connection. I plan to install solar power and to use a satellite hook-up, but I have a lot of work to do. I will continue to write articles during this time, and I should be able to post a good bit of new material before the end of the year.

May 20 to August 21, 2000: On a three-month long trip to Canada and back (from Alabama). During this time, I have come up with many good ideas for new topics on bicycling, and I have come back with a determination to open new areas as well (that is, material not dealing with bicycling).

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