Who Am I?

Cartoon made in 1994.

In spite of a great deal of biographical information on this site, a number of people have written to learn the answer to the above question. I finally sat down and wrote up a long biography, getting as far as high school, when I realized that I was very much overanswering the question. The short answer, on the other hand, won't say much, but perhaps it will suffice.

As a child, I found myself in a hostile environment. As an adult, I have found myself under attack for having unusual ideas. Therefore, I have usually stayed in the background and concentrated on making my private life worthwhile. This web site is an opportunity to speak out.

My ideas are not orthodox, as I am neither conservative, liberal, nor moderate, but a non-conformist and an individualist. Politically, I tend to side with the Democrats because I support a pluralistic and equal society. In addition, most of the harassment I have endured has been from the right. On the other hand, I have had many conservative friends, and I strongly agree with the necessity for a life built on values rather than on personal desires or convenience.

While I enjoy people as individuals, I am bored by social activities, and I don't hesitate to do anything alone. I have taught myself almost everything I know, from riding a bike to creating these web pages.

As to my my locations and occupations: I was born in Pittsburgh in 1945 and moved to Alabama in 1955, where I have lived most years since. I have two Master's Degrees, in English (1968) and TESOL (1992). I have been an English teacher and a construction worker. I was married from 1971 to 1974, and I have a son who is married and teaches in Japan.

Having never made much money and thus having never become dependent on it, I decided to retire early at 55, so I would have more time to enjoy Nature and to write. I have returned to my woodland home (built in 1978) near Scottsboro, Alabama. I am currently rebuilding it, as time, vandals, thieves, and pests have done much damage.

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