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I changed to this method of receiving mail due to problems with viruses and spam. I may not respond immediately, but I will answer every polite message.

Who Should Write, Who Should NOT Write

I enjoy hearing from my readers, and I use the information I receive in mail messages to improve my content. I am interested in exchanging links with other webmasters too. However, please recognize the following:

1) I know very little about different kinds of bicycles and equipment, so ask me questions only about equipment which I have talked about.

2) I am not an authority about what kind of information can be found on the internet, and I currently have very limited access, so I can't find information for you. I provide my sources except when the information came from my own personal knowledge.

3) Some people with commercial sites expect a free endorsement of their product from me, and other people with sites similar to mine expect me to link to them but don't want to link back. I do not endorse products, and I won't link to your site unless you've linked to mine. However, I will always give a return link to sites with similar or related content which have linked to mine. Send me the home URL, linking URL, the name, and a description of your site.

4) I am not interested in allowing others to republish my material without compensation. If you think your readers should read one of my pages, link to it, and I will link back to your site in return. See my copyright page.

I will be on a bicycle trip from May 1 until late in August, and I will probably have few opportunities to download my mail during that time. However, doing it that way is better than using my mailbox, as it will quickly overflow with spam mail.

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