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What Is New?  This page comments on the additions and changes to my site as they occur.

Copyright Information   Every article on this site was written by me; every graphic and photo was made by me. My policy towards using or quoting material from this site, a policy in keeping with copyright policy everywhere.

Bikepages Pages:

The Bike Page's Home Page  This page explains the purpose of the site, provides some useful information, has a list of the directories which explains their functions, and a list of the pages linking to it and their functions. As a new feature, I am adding some interesting news item or tidbit from time to time.

The Help Page   Information about the design of this site and help for finding materials within it.

Comments from Readers   Find out what others have been saying about this site since it opened.

Site Map for Ken Kifer's Bike Pages   All the URL's and descriptions on a single page, for those who would prefer to keep it simple.

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Newsletter Shorts  Short articles written for the express purpose of publication in newsletters (NOTE: Do not use material from anywhere else).

The Cyclist Lifestyle:

The Cyclist Lifestyle  A definition of what a cyclist is plus links to all my articles with a sociological, psychological, or historical nature. This directory also includes two articles about bicycles.

Why I Ride a Bike   Six very strong reasons for being a cyclist; these are not all of my reasons or all possible reasons by any means.

New Bike for $100!   A simple method of acquiring an excellent bicycle at a low cost: an environmentally friendly method for non-consumers.

Old Bikes  A look at the bicycles that have been a part of my life. Nothing special; just sweet memories.

Some Subtle Clues That Indicate a True Cyclist®  Spotting a cyclist in today's crowd is not as difficult as it may first appear.

Living in an Automobile Culture  The automobile dependent society that we find ourselves living in is not logical because people will not walk or bicycle even short distances but maintain an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. They say they enjoy driving but their behavior says otherwise. How did we get this way?

I Don't Give a Continental   Expresses skepticism towards the intentions of companies that sell bicycle products; not that they're our enemies per se, just that they have their own motives which aren't the same as ours.

Pedaling for President for the United States  Can someone win the presidency by riding a bicycle? Joe Schriner is trying to do just that. He is emphasizing issues which cyclists would support, such as liveable communities, alternate energy, and less wasteful living.

Cycling in the Sixties: A History of US Bicycling during the 1960's  Although the bike boom did not occur until the seventies, the sixties was the period of time in which modern bicycling developed. Bikeways, bike commuting, cycling events, bicycle touring, cycling publications, and racing were all activities that go back to the 1960's. During those years, the bicycle went from being a clunker to a machine you would be proud to own today.

Cycling in the Seventies: A History of US Bicycling during the 1970's  The 70's was a period of rapid change, much of it due to the greening of America. People wanted smaller, less polluting cars, cleaner air, and a freer lifestyle. Cycling became popular because it helped to meet these goals, and there was a real bike boom. The cyclists of the 70's looked far different from the cyclists today.

Cycling in the Eighties: A History of US Bicycling during the 1980's  The 80's was a much more conservative and economically depressed period. Cyclists had a great choice of bikes, and cycling clothing became very popular.

The True Story of The Decline of The Touring Bike  Sales for touring bikes dropped in the 80's, and the common answer was "nobody goes touring any more." However, a look at statistics and at the behavior of the bike magazines and bike shops indicates a completely different cause.

Bicycling Myths  Bicyclists have myths about nearly every aspect of cycling, including helmets, drinking water, speed, riding downhill, inflation pressures, leg shaving, packing the touring bike, the saddle, the bike chain, the tire tread, high-tech parts, and cycling in traffic.

Cycling Types and Codes of Behavior   The code I grew up with, that of the eco-cyclists of the 70's, and that of the consumeristic cyclists of the 80's; different cyclist interest groups today; the problem that conflicting codes present.

Winning Respect from Motorists   The majority of motorists are not our enemies; the same people pass us every day, and we affect how they think about us.

Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope   My supposition as to why medical researchers and cyclists come to vastly different interpretations as to the safety of cycling.

Bike Commuting and Transportation:

Bike Commuting and Transportation  A snapshop of the problem of gridlocked cars and the alternative of riding a bike to work plus links to articles discussing using a bicycle to get to work and/or to perform errands.

The Quadruple Advantages of Bicycle Commuting  Traveling by bicycle to work has four strong benefits that cannot be denied: improve your financial condition, increase your vigor and health, avoid creating environmental problems for others, and have a good time.

My Bicycle and Walking Commutes over the Years  In fifty-one years of traveling to work, school, and town, I have accumulated 18 years of walking and 14 years of bicycling. Details of how bicycle transportation has been useful to me.

Bicycles Suitable for Commuting, New or Used  A Guide to all the bikes suitable for commuting with emphasis on used bikes. Includes three-speeds, Schwinn's, sports touring, touring, mountain, and hybrid bikes, with links to articles on recumbents and folders.

Bike Accessories a Commuting Cyclist Needs Bicycles are not sold complete but usually lack basic accessories which make commuting safe and practical, such as lights, mirrors, fenders, racks, rainsuits, locks, air pumps, patch kits, and tools.

Using Errands for Bicycling Exercise For the person who can't commute to work by bicycle, running errands on the bike can save some gasoline and provide some healthy exercise, especially on cold or gloomy days when it's tough to get out.

Problems and Solutions to Riding a Bike to Work  All the bicycle commuting problems that I could think of and some solutions which might solve those problems, including solutions to dangers, time limitations, busy routes, a long distance, kids, weather, arriving smelly, flat tires, carrying a laptop, safe parking, and social acceptance.

How to Find a Route to Work by Bicycle "You can't get there from here" seems to be true for the bike commuter. Some helpful advice about seeking out bicycling routes for the busy commuting cyclist.

Tricks and Tips for Bicycle Commuting Here are some useful small suggestions that are useful in an urban environment to solve problems such as locking a bike, finding a safe place to leave it, standing the bike without a kickstand, carrying a package, and patching a tire.

The Poor, Poor Sufferin' Bicycle Commuter or How NOT to Commute  A newspaper reporter tries commuting to work by bike for 28 days but finds the short commute much too difficult.

Bicycle Camping and Touring:

Bicycle Camping and Touring  A description of a day on a bicycle camping trip, and links to many articles on how to tour by bicycle.

What is touring?  A definition of bicycle touring, showing all the different kinds.

Why I Tour from Door to Door   Explains my motives, and the advantages, of my starting and ending my trips at my doorstep whenever possible.

Planning a Touring Trip   Advice that looks at the cyclist's preferences and abilities and that considers planning and preparation to be more important than shedding dollars. Talks about touring books, the linkage between bike, roads, gear, and sleeping arrangements, daily recommended distances, how much to carry and which equipment is the most important, hostels, maps, touring lists, how to prepare for a trip, and how to avoid ruining a trip.

Bicycle Camping   Starts with the ambiguity in the terms "camping" and "touring," then goes to the paradox involved in cycling all day with full gear through forests to spend $15 to sleep with RV's. Makes the point that sleeping in the woods is a wonderful experience and gives a personal history of camping with minimal equipment. Explains how simple cooking can be, why a campground is undesirable, and what the law says about camping on public and private property. Explains why camping is not harmful or dangerous. Tells in great detail my procedures for finding a camping site and spending the night. Discusses sanitation and cleanliness. Provides a list of the items I carry.

Bicycle Touring and Camping Gear   Discussion of the gear to carry on a bicycle trip plus a look at the gear I carry on my summer trips.

Choosing a Tent   Looks at all the important factors in choosing a tent but leaves the final decision to the user.

Bicycle Touring with a Solar Laptop  A discussion of the problems involved in carrying a solar powered laptop computer on a long bicycle touring and camping trip.

My Touring Bags and Making Your Own Bags   Discusses the principles involved in designing touring bags, looks at the problem created by low-rider bags, and looks at my solution. Explains that making panniers is not difficult and looks at some of the ways to make them.

Bicycling in Northeast Alabama   Starts with an account of my cycling and non-cycling familiarity with North Alabama, describes the climate by season, explains the terrain, talks about trees, plants, and wildlife, discusses towns and highways, attitudes towards cycling, and dogs. Talks about the best area to visit and provides two routes through NE Alabama.

Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gears   Explains the reason for talking about gearing, explains why bicycles have gears, explains what "gears" are, explains cadence, helps you establish your low-gear requirements, talks about gear-planning strategies, and provides charts for high and low gear.

Using Maps While Bicycle Touring   Provides information about the kinds of maps available and shows how to infer information from road maps.

Understanding and Predicting Summer Weather While Bicycle Touring   The ability to foresee changing local weather conditions can be very valuable to a cyclist.

Cooking while Bicycle Camping and Touring   Being able to cook quick, tasty, and easy meals is a valuable asset when touring.

Tips and Tricks for Bicycle Touring   A grab bag of tips and tricks from years of cycling.

Types of Touring Cyclists and Touring Trips  Although touring cyclists may look alike, their trips may differ in significant ways.

Map and statistics of my long trips   Enough miles to ride around the world and enough days to be over a year out of my life (the best year!).

My Instate Bicycle Trips   These are shorter trips (longest 428 miles), mostly within Alabama, totaling over 6,000 miles. Maps and brief accounts.

Bike Trip to the Smokies, 1965   My first bicycle camping trip, from Alabama to the Smoky Mountains and back, made on a three-speed bike. Only two days were written up, but some additional events are recalled. No photos.

Alabama to Ontario, 1966   As a college student, I dared to venture into the wilderness with a Varsity bike, wool blankets, a plastic tarp, homemade panniers, and very little money. An account written during the journey. A few photos.

Alabama to Ontario, Part II   Beginning in Ontario, this second half of my account tells of reaching Kenora and of my return trip home down the Great River Road along the Mississippi. Written during the trip. A few photos.

Spruce Pine, 1971   Love, marriage, and cycling don't work well together on this unhappy, one-way trip from Alabama into the Blue Ridge. However, the two kittens had a great time. With photos.

Journey to Pennsylvania, 1988    After 17 years, I was finally free to ramble again. This round-trip includes travel through the Cumberland and Allegheny Mountains to Pittsburgh, across Southern Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, down to Washington DC, and then on down the Blue Ridge Parkway to home. With many photos.

Journey to Colorado, 1990   After a trip across Tennessee and through the Land Between the Lakes, I joined the Bikecentennial route and crossed Missouri and Kansas to Colorado. With many photos.

Journey to Colorado, Part II   After leaving Pueblo, I rode into the Rocky Mountains and climbed as many mountain passes as I could, including Rocky Mt. National Park and Mt. Evans. With many photos.

A Photo Trip up Mt. Evans   The highest paved road in the world climbs Mt. Evans to 14,100 feet, a beautiful, difficult, and perhaps even dangerous trip. With full-screen photos and maps.

Journey to Colorado, Part III   The story of my trip back to Alabama, including misadventures in Denver. The route followed the Platte River into Nebraska, across Iowa, down through Illinois to Cave-in-the-Rock, back to the Land Between the Lakes, and through the woods to Alabama. With photos.

Seven Southern States Loop, 1991   A three-week tour of the South, including a week in Eastern Kentucky, a stop at "The Place" in Damascus, and a climb up Mount Mitchell. With photos.

A New England Bike Trip, 1993   Starting with a visit to Walden pond from Boston, I made a loop up into the White and Green Mountains, then traveled across New York, through the Delaware Water Gap, down New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Maryland, across the Chesapeake Bay (by boat), up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, and finally across Central Georgia. With photos.

My Second Bike Trip to Ontario, 1995   Starting from Southern Georgia, I crossed Eastern Alabama, Central Tennessee and Kentucky, Indiana, and Western Michigan to reach Sault Ste. Marie. From there, I cycled east and south across Ontario to Ohio (using two ferries), down to Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, and back across Eastern Alabama. With photos.

Pennsylvania II, 1996   Planning to attend school in Pennsylvania, I decided to ride up during the summer to take care of some details. The trip includes the Smokies, Eastern North Carolina, Damascus, West Virginia, Central, Northern, and Eastern Pennsylvania, Shennadoah National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. With photos.

A Plains-Ontario Loop, 1998   Unsure of where to travel and with little money, I headed across Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas to Texas, then north across the Great Plains all the way to North Dakota. With photos.

A Plains-Ontario Loop, Part II   I next crossed over into Manitoba, traveled across Northern Ontario to Sault Ste. Marie, enjoying the wilderness more than before, and returned through Eastern and Central Michigan, Indiana (including Bloomington), Central Kentucky, and across Tennessee to home. With photos.

Eastern North America Tour, Y2k   This is a very detailed account of my year 2000 bicycling trip, focusing on the details of camping and traveling, for those who wish to make the same kind of journey. Part I, Alabama to Virginia, days 1-13, winding through the Southern Appalachians from Ocoee to Cherokee to Hots Springs to Damascus.

Eastern North America Tour, Part II   Virginia to New Jersey, days 14-23, from Damascus to the Blue Ridge Parkway, across Southern Virginia, the Chesapeake Bay (by boat) and Tangier Island, Delaware and the Maryland coast, ferry to New Jersey, and ending near Camden.

Eastern North America Tour, Part III   New Jersey to Quebec via New England, days 24-36, crossing the Delaware River by ferry into Eastern Pennsylvania, traveling through the Delaware Water Gap, across the Hudson River into Connecticut and Rhode Island, north to Walden Pond, over to Maine, then circling back though New Hampshire to Quebec.

Eastern North America Tour, Part IV   My experiences in Québec, days 37-46, including crossing the St. Lawrence near Sorel, traveling on Le Petit Train du Nord bikeway and through La Faunique Vérendrye Reserve to Northern Ontario.

Eastern North America Tour, Part V   Ontario, days 47-58, this part starting near Kirkland Lake, following highway 11 to Nipigon, and exiting south of Thunder Bay.

Eastern North America Tour, Part VI   Minnesota and Wisconsin, days 59-69. I followed the Superior shoreline down to Duluth and then crossed the center of Wisconsin heading southward, visiting the 400 Trail along the way.

Eastern North America Tour, Part VII   Illinois to Alabama, days 70-82, including a trip to the Land Between the Lakes.

Cycling Health and Fitness:

Cycling Health and Fitness  An explanation of the health problem in the US and a recommendation for more cycling to improve the situation plus links to articles about fitness, diet, health, and health-related cycling problems.

Ken Kifer on Fitness   After a brief discussion of the fitness controversy today, I present my own understanding, using personal history and observations rather than statistics to support my statements. I support the idea that fitness is best achieved and maintained through regular cycling at moderate speeds rather than through intense effort.

A Review of Pedalling Health   Pedalling Health is an Australian web site with important statistical data about how cycling promotes good health. The site answers some questions about the amount and intensity of exercise needed to promote good health. (NOTE: "Pedalling" is a British spelling.)

Is Cycling Dangerous?   How the belief that cycling is dangerous can lead to deaths through discouraging vehicular cycling, why sidewalks are more dangerous than streets, the most common causes of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, why cycling is actually less dangerous than motoring, the fatality rate among cyclists, the much greater number of other injury-related deaths, the chances of injury compared with common sports, and the much more common dangers of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

The Healthy Diet for Cyclists (or Anybody)  A healthy diet does not need to involve any unusual foods or strange menus. However, only one person in ten eats properly. Most people eat too much meat and not enough grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Southern Stroke Belt!   A report in the newspaper pointed out that strokes are much higher in the South and said that scientists were baffled about the cause. I wasn't baffled at all; our lifestyle and our lifespan are firmly tied together. A lack of aerobic exercise and too much fat in the diet are the cause.

Ways of Being Tired   Not paying attention to fatigue can lead to a spoiled bicycle trip or even much more dangerous consequences. It's not enough to know that you're tired; you have to know how you are tired.

Stages of Fitness   Answering a question in the newsgroups about dieting, I describe how cyclists' bodies adapt to the demands we place upon them depending on our level of fitness.

My Fall -- The Story of a Bicycling Injury and Recovery   How I suffered a broken hip while riding my bike, and how I recovered from the accident.

Bicycling Advocacy:

Bicycling Advocacy  Bicycling advocacy, to me, has two purposes: first, to advocate for cyclists' right to use the roadway and second to point out the beneficial aspects of cycling. This directory also deals with problems that cyclists have to cope with and with environmental problems related to bicycling.

Bicycling Advocacy -- The Newslist  Feeling the need for a bicycling advocacy newslist, I started one. Some information about how to join and what the rules are.

How to Avoid Traffic to Your Bicycling Website  Very often cycling websites are designed or managed as if the intent was to keep cyclists from using them or from learning anything. This page explains the most common errors.

Auto Costs Vs. Bike Costs   Calculation of the cost of the average automobile, other costs not normally calculated, the cost of operating a bicycle, the money saved per hour by commuting, the average speed of an automobile, and the money saved by touring.

Our Right to Use the Roadway   The problem of anti-bicycle bigotry, some fake and real history, sources of bigotry and defensiveness, making roads safer for cyclists rather than providing separate paths.

How Far to the Right Must a Cyclist Travel?  Ken Clark was stopped in Ann Arbor for not hugging the curb while bicycling and had to defend himself in court, but the judge agreed with him in the end.

Should Cyclists Have to Pay to Use the Roads?   Countering the claim that cyclists have no right to travel on the road since they don't pay "user fees."

Should Cyclists Be Paid to Use the Roads?   Picture cyclists being paid to travel as part of pollution trading. More seriously, cyclists reduce costs for other people; why shouldn't some of that money return to them?

How Much Do Bicycles Pollute?   Figuring out the amount of C02 produced by a car and a bicycle.

Automobile Dependency in NYC   Why the mayor of New York sees bicycles as "a big quality-of-life problem" while not noticing any quality-of-life problems connected with automobiles.

Coping with Global Warming   Observations over my lifetime of how Nature, sunshine, and the weather have been altered by man, some arguments that global warming is a myth, and what cyclists can do to protect themselves.

Why I Am Opposed to Mandatory Helmet Laws   An analysis of the arguments in favor of mandatory helmet laws which points out the weaknesses of the arguments.

Issues for Cyclists   Some thoughts about all the ways, big and little, in which cyclists are not granted equal treatment and which can discourage bicycling.

Dedicated Bikeways   Bikeways are often poorly designed and thus don't attract experienced cyclists. Well-designed bikeways, on the other hand, can provide a superior experience for all bicyclists.

Bicycle Traffic Safety:

Bicycle Traffic Safety  Explains that, while bicycling is not particularly dangerous, a cyclist can greatly reduce the changes of being hurt through using safe riding practices and provides links to many articles about riding a bicycle in traffic safely.

How to Ride in Traffic  How to prepare to ride in traffic, my five rules for riding on the road, with details of how to interface with automobiles.

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents on Your Bicycle  A look at all the types of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions and how they can be avoided; personal near collisions and how I avoided them.

Cyclist Errors Which Cause Automobile-Bicycle Collisions, Illustrated  Collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles don't happen just by chance; instead, they are bought about by a misunderstanding of how traffic works.

How to Avoid Bike-Car Collisions, Illustrated; Motorist Caused Accidents  Diagrams showing common collisions and near-collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles.

Teaching Children How to Bicycle Safely  The basics of what children need to know to avoid collisions with motor vehicles plus how to teach them.

Wrong Way Cycling  Why people bicycle on the wrong side of the road, why the pedestrian "rule" does not work for cyclists, and how a wrong way rider is in much greater jeopardy.

Fear of Traffic from the Rear  An unhealthy fear of traffic can cause a cyclist to behave in ways that are more dangerous. How to cope with traffic coming from behind.

Be a Little Gingerbread Man  Explains that the Little Gingerbread Man erred when he decided to trust the fox, and argues that as cyclists we should never trust the motorist to do the safe thing. Obey the traffic law and be predictable but be ready to jump whenever danger should appear.

Using Assertiveness in Traffic Disputes  A cyclist who quit riding on the road because of a traffic incident gets some pointers on how to behave with police and motorists.

Should Cyclists Obey the Traffic Laws? The rise in number of people who disobey the law, reasons for disobeying the law, examples of justified uses of civil disobedience, and why breaking traffic laws injures cyclists' rights.

How Should Cyclists Obey the Traffic Laws?  Running stop signs, the letter vs. the spirit of the law, the slippery slope, the foolishness of saving time by breaking laws, the danger to cyclists of motorists doing the same, just obeying the law not good enough, the need for assertiveness.

Types of Bicycle Riders  Looks at the ways in which bike riders and cyclists operate on the road and explains how I interface with traffic.

Advice to Motorists  What a motorist should do when approaching a cyclist, the fear of being late, why cyclists don't get off the road, and how motorists are most likely to kill legal cyclists.

Coping with Dogs  Explains why any one tactic won't work with every dog but also explains a method that almost always works.

Basic Skills for Cyclists:

Basic Skills for Cyclists  Both mechanical and bike-handling skills are necessary. This directory will also deal with basic problems.

Repairs and Maintenance on Your Bike   Most bicycle repairs require modest skill. The ability to make your own adjustments, do your own maintenance, and solve your own problems will save money and free you to travel.

How to Fix a Flat   Being able to patch a flat tire at the edge of the road is an almost essential skill.

How to True a Wobbly Wheel   Cyclists suffer from broken spokes, wobbly wheels, and expensive bike shop bills from not understanding how very simple wheel-truing is.

The Seven Most Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Cyclists   Those just beginning to bicycle as adults and those who bicycle rarely tend to make the same obvious, self-defeating, and often dangerous mistakes. What they are and how to avoid them.

How to Climb a Hill on a Bicycle   While it takes a certain amount of energy to climb a hill, using the proper technique can reduce the energy and increase the average speed.

How to Descend a Hill on a Bicycle   It's not dangerous to make quick downhill runs as long as you understand how to do it.

Cycling Humor and Tales:

Cycling Humor and Tales  Some wacky fun and inane tales to provide amusement.

Why Do Tires Lose Pressure?  Did you ever notice that tires get flatter quicker when the bike is not being used? A panel of experts from wreck bikes determines the cause of this vexing problem.

Some Useful Cycling Devices  You thought that cycling "computers" were high-tech; look at these accessories.

Additional Cycling Devices  Inventions to solve the problems of 1) aggressive motorists, 2) climbing hills, and 3) touring and camping.

Zen and the Art of Fixing a Flat Tire  The unexpected resolution of another vexing problem that has plagued newbie cyclists.

How to Camp Anywhere  The vexing problem of finding a camping site in a hostile world is resolved in a simple and effective fashion.

Great Moments in Cycling History  Cycling history that I guarantee you never heard anywhere else.

Movie Review: Beneath the Valley of the Planet of the Bicycles  A motorist battles to restore the automobile in the distant future, after global warming has mostly destroyed the planet. Also in German (auf deutsch): Der Planet der Fahrräder.

How to Serve a Nice Holiday Roast  The holiday season is a nice opportunity to flame and roast some newbie to the newsgroups.

Cycling Fairy Tales  The stories of Red Mountain Biker, Goldilocks, and the Ugly Bicycle.

Witty Replies  It pays to have a sense of humor when traveling by bike.

I Never Shift Twice  The adventures of agent 00, Joe Bike, as he battles SMUSH (SUV Motorists for Universal Super Highways) and WAMM (Women Against Macho Men).

A Simple Question for a Cycling Newgroup to Answer  The newsgroups and email discussion lists are great places to find information that you can't get elsewhere, but sometimes you get a lot more information than what you expected.

The Bicycle Dectective  A good detective figures out the details of a bicycle theft in a moment and solves the crime in an hour.

The Resourceful Camper Contest  The results of a contest to find the most resourceful bicycle campers, the ones who can camp almost anywhere.

Sidewalked on the Green Planet  Peegee Little visits a world in which the users of motors vehicles are forced to use the sidewalks and bicycles have the right of way.

Important Safety Instructions!  If you happen to read the important safety instructions provided with your new purchase, you might notice that they are designed to protect the manufacturer from liability and not to help you.

How to Detail a Classic Bike  Your flashy new bike failed to attract the attention you thought it deserved. How you went wrong, and how to convert it into a bike that everyone will admire and envy.

Murder She Wrought  Detective Rousseau uses his sleuthing skills to capture a bicycling serial murderer, a woman who murders her victims and then entraps their next of kin.

The Paradigm Shifter  Remember those magic days when you were young and your imagination was free? Here the boyhood invention happens to work, transforming the bike into a dream, but the dream has its twists.

The Interstate Built Like a Bikeway  What would happen if interstate highways were built to the same high standards as bikeways?

Studies of Modes of Transportation in Tarzan Land  It seems that the traffic experts can't quite figure out which is the safest form of transportation.

The Mountan Bike Touring Trip  A group of cyclists make a bicycle trip through the mountains and desert which seems to be a complete disaster until Inspector Rousseau steps in.

Why Bank Robbers Should Use Bicycles Instead of Getaway Cars  It's a real handicap to try to escape from a bank robbery on in a car; it's much more sensible to use a bike instead, as there is much less expense and risk.

Bicycling Surveys and Statistics:

Bicycling Surveys and Statistics  Producing a survey that will produce useful information is more difficult than it first seems.

The September 2001 Bicycle Safety Survey The results of a 20-question bicycling survey run for 30 days with 231 cyclists responding. Questions concerned amount of bicycling, kind of bicycling, traffic behavior, traffic attitudes, and injuries.

The October 2001 Bicycle Political Survey The results of the second survey, asking about goverment involvement and what the government should do, police attitudes, cyclists' needs and others.

The November 2001 Bicycle Touring Survey  A numeric investigation into what touring is all about. Included in this survey: location of the trip, trip length, the number touring, amount spent per day, how gear was carried, injuries and equipment failures on the trip, and where nights were spent.

How Many Bicycle Commuters Are There in the USA? -- Data from US Census  As part of the year 2000 census, some 700,000 people filled out additional forms which indicated their method of transportation to work. This page provides the results by state and explains why those results don't give the entire picture.

Links to Other Cycling Sites:

Links to Other Cycling Sites  A resource for cyclist, hundreds of links. Also, links to the major search engines.

Links to Links Page: This page provides a useful list of sites with long lists of cycling links. Many of these sites contain other resources as well.

Bicycling Resources Page: This page provides sources of information about bicycling, touring, and cycling advocacy. It also contains some links to information related to bicycling but not usually dealing with cycling per se. This includes sites dealing with transportational, environmental, and health issues.

Bicycle Touring Links Page: This page contains bicycle travelogues of long-distance bicycle and camping trips. In order to be listed here, the site must have a well-written detailed account and/or many excellent photos of a self-supported trip (no accompanying motor vehicles and all equipment carried on the bike) that lasted a week or longer. This is my most popular page because I have been highly selective.

Link To Me Page: This page contains all the sites that have linked to mine. It included many small to large cycling websites, touring websites, club web sites, and personal web sites. This is a good page for browsing. If your site is not on this page, and your site includes a link to this site, be sure to let me know.


This might be a good opportunity for me to link to articles that I have written on other web sites.

Transcon-holics Anonymous  Rich Testardi, Jack Dingler, and I bemoan our fate for being healthy and try to hide among the sedentary.

A Forgotten Hero  A short account of the life of Major Taylor, stressing his unusual qualities.

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